Word Bound #1

Blogging Prompt: What are your personal writing goals for 2017, and what does #wordbound mean to you?

I’ve never been part of something from the beginning. I was late for my own birth. They had to suck me out with some kind of vacuum. Not only have I never been involved in something from day one – apart from Final Fantasy XV, I’ve also never been involved in any kind of writing community. It’s something that appeals to me greatly and it’s why I’ve taken part in NaNoWriMo for the past few years. The thing with Nano is that there’s this huge community and I’ve never let myself get involved with it locally. Introvert. Even if I don’t directly interact with the Word Bound community, by forcing myself to respond to the prompts that are posted I’ll be scratching the itch.

Words present themselves with open arms calling out to other words. Writing is exciting because of the communion of words. It’s astounding how life affirming the bringing together of two words can be, of six words, a sentence, of a paragraph, a blog, a novel, a poem, a collection of syllables jumping around desperate to move somebody.  I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to finish my novel. I’ve been struggling to bring the right words together. It’s 75,000 words now and it’s still not close to being finished and the more I write the further away the end seems to be. I’m hoping that Word Bound will not only help me finally finish my novel this year and start writing the next, but that it will also challenge me to explore new realms of possibilities. Get posting on this darn blog again. Help me keep some promises.

What are my writing goals this year? What do I want to achieve? If I could get the following from my head and onto a page I’d feel pretty satisfied. Ugh, what a drab adjective. Not satisfied. Fulfilled. Appeased.

  • Finish my novel ‘Fall River’.
  • Write the third screenplay in my series of five.
  • Collaboratively write a screenplay with David.
  • Post regularly on this blog.
  • Write a stand-up routine and perform it at an open mic night.
  • Write a weekly #wordbound prompt.

That doesn’t really seem like much, but I suppose it’s actually quite a lot. If I actually managed to achieve that maybe I’d stop using the word actually so much.

A tulpa is an object created through sheer focused thought. The tulpa is the writer deep within us trying to get out. Clawing at the tips of our fingertips as they float over a keyboard or gently caress a pen. Somewhere out there in untouchable lexicons of unwritten, forgotten ideas of long lost jungles rained on in the heat are keys dying to be tapped. The bloodbuzz of accelerating vision. Let’s keep this promise. When the girl uttered Rumpelstiltskins name he grabbed hold of his leg, whipped it upwards and tore himself in two. Rarely do we see such dedication and commitment to verbal contracts these days. Let’s do it. Let’s do it. Let’s do it.


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